Hygea and Phosphorus, a CLIA/CAP Certified Laboratory, Announce Formal Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO, California and NEW YORK, New York, July 25, 2019 – Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc. (Hygea), a company focused on developing a precision medicine software system for healthcare providers and patients to effectively manage genetic testing, and Phosphorus, a leader in diagnostic and bioinformatic solutions for clinical next generation sequencing (NGS), are pleased to announce a formal, agreed partnership. In addition, technical integration between the two platforms has been successfully completed.

Eyal Odiz, CEO and Co-Founder of Hygea, commented, “The integration with Phosphorus allows us to greatly simplify the process of ordering genetic tests by making it fully digital. Providers are notified when test results are ready and can easily access and share the results with their patients and other physicians. The Phosphorus integration coupled with Hygea’s proprietary software that guides providers to order the most accurate gene panel per clinical guidance gives the providers the confidence to order genetic testing as part of their day to day practice. This first partnership with Phosphorus marks a new phase for Hygea as we move forward in paving the way for this growing market.”

Alexander Bisignano, CEO and Co-founder of Phosphorus added, “We are proud to be Hygea’s first partner as they enter the precision medicine space. Hygea’s sophisticated platform bridges the gap between patient and physician to provide quality medical care at the earliest stage to the people who need it. This strategic partnership allows our companies to take full advantage of the significant drop in sequencing costs to provide patients with the most up to date knowledge of their genetic data.”

About Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc.
Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc. is focused on developing a collaborative software platform for healthcare providers and patients to work together to improve patient care. The intuitive software system utilizes patent-pending technology that combines clinical guidance, genomic knowledge, and machine-learning-driven optimization that associates clinical conditions, patient information, and genomic data to select a gene panel based on quality, price, or turnaround time. For more information, please visit www.hygeamedicine.com.

About Phosphorus
Phosphorus’s mission is to improve human health by better understanding and harnessing the power of the human genome. Having built the most comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective portfolio of genetic tests, Phosphorus is able to increase access and quality of care in the burgeoning field of genomics. The company currently provides panel-based, constitutional genetic testing in the specialty areas of Fertility, Cardiology, Lipidology, Oncology, Pharmacogenetics, Ophthalmology, Neurology, and Pediatric/Metabolic disorders. Phosphorus also offers the PhosphorusONE proactive health screen – the most comprehensive genomic test that includes health risk, drug response, and wellness. Additionally, Phosphorus provides the ElementsTM software platform to enable any laboratory to easily deploy any of the Phosphorus genetic tests on-premise as a local solution. For more information, please visit our website at phosphorus.com.

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