Hygea Completes First Pilot Program for Proprietary Software Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, California, October 28, 2019 – Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc. (Hygea), a company focused on developing a precision medicine software system for healthcare providers and patients to effectively manage genetic testing, announced today the completion of the first pilot study evaluating the performance of the Hygea Navigator platform (Navigator). The study validated that the platform seamlessly imported electronic medical records (EMR) and assisted physicians to select, order, and manage the most relevant test from laboratories, making it ready for clinical use.

The pilot program was conducted in collaboration with Consolaré MD, a healthcare advisory firm offering concierge medicine services with a focus on patient advocacy and preventative medicine. During the pilot program, the Hygea Navigator platform imported real data for approximately 100 patients from the EMR with no issue, eliminating the manual and tedious data entry process. The Navigator selected, ordered, and managed the most relevant genetic test for a select subset of these patients based on the diagnosis provided by Carrie Bordinko, MD, Founder of Consolaré MD and the Principal Investigator of the study, validating the Navigator’s readiness for production use in the clinic.

Dr. Bordinko commented, “At Consolaré, we provide personalized healthcare with catered treatment plans for individual patients. We are excited about the benefits Hygea’s platform provides as offering patients the most up-to-date tests and information is central to our quality healthcare. The platform allows us to focus on providing the best patient care while Hygea manages the logistics of genetic testing, which includes identifying the most appropriate tests. We are proud to conduct the first study and contribute to establishing the validity of this innovative software and we look forward to its continued use.”

Devina Do, COO and Co-Founder of Hygea, added, “The Hygea Navigator successfully interfaced with the EMR and laboratories to provide a complete solution, which validates our software readiness for production usage. The completion of this first pilot program is a significant milestone as we look to commercialize our solution to accelerate precision medicine through genetic testing.”

About Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc. Hygea Precision Medicine, Inc. is focused on developing a collaborative software platform for healthcare providers and patients to work together to improve patient care. The intuitive software system utilizes patent-pending technology that combines clinical guidance, genomic knowledge, and machine-learning-driven optimization that associates clinical conditions, patient information, and genomic data to select a gene panel based on quality, price, or turnaround time. For more information, please visit www.hygeamedicine.com.

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