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  • One login gives access to available genetic tests from multiple laboratories
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  • Machine learning population profiling & analytics
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What types of genetic testing can be ordered?

Hereditary cardiology testing

Germline testing for cardiology conditions for individuals with symptoms and/or family history suggestive of a condition (e.g. familial hypercholesterolemia or sudden unexplained death).
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Hereditary oncology testing

Germline testing based on cancer condition includes testing for individuals with cancer and/or family history suggestive of a condition (e.g. early-onset cancer, rare cancers).

Drug response/Pharmacogenomics

Drug response or pharmacogenomic testing is for determining if an individual has genetic variants that would impact how drugs are broken down (metabolized) or that might put an individual at a higher risk of an adverse event.
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Genetic testing for healthy individuals

Proactive genetic testing is for healthy individuals who do not have a condition, symptoms of a condition, or a strong family history that would indicate testing.